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Faith Community Lutheran Church (LCMC, NALC) in Longmont, Colorado, is a Bible-centered, prayer-focused, first-fruits giving, kid and visitor-friendly church offering blended worship services.

Ministering locally and worldwide

At Faith Community Lutheran Church, our Outreach team strives to connect, celebrate, and care – worldwide – in ministering to each other and our fellow man in need of God’s mercy and truth.

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Christ’s love

Over the past 30 years, Faith Community has had a strong history of actively practicing first-fruits giving, starting at 10%, and is currently giving away 21% of every dollar donated to the church to outreach – locally and internationally; this happens before any bills or salary are paid. It is our goal to increase from 21% to 25% by 2025.

Faith Community also has an endowment fund of 1.5 million, and twice a year we give out grants to new missions, churches or ministry projects. In addition, the endowment fund has paid for quite a few members and staff to go to seminary. Over this past year, we had three staff members in seminary, and we have often joked that we are now “Faith Community Seminary.”

photo of Pastor Lucas with children in Ecuador

Pastor Lucas with children in Ecuador

photo of Faith Community Lutheran Church's 2015 Haiti Mission Team

Faith Community Lutheran Church’s 2015 Haiti Mission Team


We created a pandemic relief fund that supported those who were financially affected by the pandemic. As of now, we have raised over $50,000 and have been able to help over 70 families pay their rent, utilities and other bills. Through this pandemic fund, we were able to bless restaurant workers who lost work over Christmas with $500 checks. These workers did not know ahead of time that they would receive this money because we worked with the owners of the restaurants to find out who needed help the most.

Another outreach highlight of 2020 was the “Feed a First Responder” program. We had church members donate gift cards from local restaurants and write notes of encouragement so those first responders could have a nice night with their families and know that our church was praying for them. This outreach event was able to bless over 150 first responders in Longmont.

It is often said you don’t give to a church, but  you give through a church.

And because of this, we do our best to steward the gifts well that God has given us so people all over the world would not only be fed physically, but, more importantly, that all would be able to hear about the true Gospel of Jesus.

Faith Community’s prayer is that the “Big C Church” would continue to be the hope of the world, proclaiming the Gospel to all those who are lost and broken in need of a savior.

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