Our Partner ministries have many resources to share with CGM readers. This page is where you can find a variety of resources. In addition to the Mission Minutes videos created by our Partners, you’ll find books, newsletters and podcasts. We’ll be adding new resources as our library increases.

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Mission Moments are short, engaging, informative videos on a variety of global mission-related topics for Sunday mornings, small groups and personal use. Free-to-stream 2-3 minute videos designed to motivate, inspire and teach your congregation about Global Missions, these can be used during announcements at worship services, council meetings, Sunday School and other venues to increase excitement and knowledge about global missions.

WMPL: Global Worker

WMPL: What is WMPL’s Desire?

WMPL: What is an Important Value of WMPL?

WMPL: How Can a Person Not Feeling Called to Go Overseas Live a Commissioned Life?

ALWM: Perseverance in the Great Commission

ALWM: The Day We Met Agape

ALWM: Missionaries Come From Churches

ALWM: EFEC Interview 2020

ALWM: Great Commission Crisis 2018

ALWM: Bible Translation

ALWM: Unreached People Groups

ALWM: Growing a Missions Culture

ALWM: Purposeful and Practical Obedience


This is where Partner ministries will list their books.

Moberly Igniting Passion Book Cover
Igniting a Passion for Missions

Author: Bill Moberly

This book is a clarion call to local churches of all sizes to obey the mission mandate given to us by Jesus Christ. Pastor Bill Moberly weaves together sound Biblical teaching, inspirational stories and practical instruction to help you and your congregation Ignite a Passion for Missions.

WMPL Food from Ravens Book Cover
Food from Ravens

Author: World Mission Prayer League (WMPL)

In the Scriptures, we read of many times when God commanded His people to tell of His deeds to their children and to succeeding generations, so that they do not forget and lose faith. These stories need to be shared, and here they are! The 151 stories in Food from Ravens are the result of this admonition to God’s people. They are accounts of God’s working in the lives of WMPL missionaries over the years, and it is our heartfelt desire that they bless your life and help us all to see what a great God we have!

WMPL Handbook Book Cover
WMPL Mission Handbook

Author: World Mission Prayer League (WMPL)

The Handbook of the World Mission Prayer League (WMPL) describes our history, life together, our common values & commitments, our shared faith, and our philosophy and priorities for mission and ministry.

WMPL The Spirit of God Was Moving Book Cover
The Spirit of God was Moving

Author: World Mission Prayer League (WMPL)

The World Mission Prayer League (WMPL): Its Beginnings



This is where Partner ministries will list their newsletters.

ALWM Newsletter Image

Wake Up Call

The newsletter of ALWM and ALWM International.

FOMM Newsletter image

Friends of Madagascar Mission

The newsletter of Friends of Madagascar Mission (FOMM).

LBT Newsletter image

The Messenger

The official quarterly publication of Lutheran Bible Translators (LBT).

WMPL Newsletter image

Together In Prayer

The newsletter of World Mission Prayer League (WMPL).


This is where Partner ministries will list their Podcast information.

LBT Podcasts photo

LBT: Essentially Translatable Podcast

Are you fascinated by languages, literacy, cross-cultural issues, and the Word?

Join us in exploring the exciting world of Bible Translation! Featuring interviews with leaders in the global translation community. Essentially Translatable is educational, exciting and informative.

image of Dr. Erik Herrmann podcast


Discover how you can continue the reformation by making God’s Word accessible to people in the language they know best.