God’s Word Gives Hope, Life, and Transformation

But without global partnership, generations will pass without Scripture in their own language. They will not experience the fullness it brings to their lives. God’s Word is more than words.

Lutheran Bible Translators (LBT) partners with local leaders around the world to launch Bible translation movements. We know God’s Word is for everyone, so we are committed to support these passionate leaders. When they are equipped with the resources, time, and capacity, more language communities will be reached. More people will experience the hope, life, and transformation that Scripture brings.

Stories of Three Local Leaders

Listen in to the stories of three local leaders – ministry entrepreneurs in the Bible translation movement:

Rev. John Bundor

What does it mean to be able to read God’s Word in your heart language? Rev. John Bundor shares about literacy efforts in Sierra Leone  and the life-changing role of God’s Word in this ministry.

“But when you communicate to them in their own language, they will grasp the Gospel with their two hands.”  – Rev. John Bundor, president of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sierra Leone, and literacy coordinator with The Institute of Sierra Leone Literacy (TISLL)

image of Sierra Leone pastor on podcast cover

Join Pastor Bundor and host Rich Rudowske as they discuss many topics, including: a typical literacy program, the necessity of the written word along with the ability to read, and why investing in Sierra Leone literacy efforts is worth your time and money.

Tshwari Tjetjoo

Shekgalagari is spoken by a people group living in the Kalahari Desert in Botswana. It was not a written language until the Bible translation program started. Now, people are engaging with Scripture in their own language and understanding it


image of Botswana woman on podcast cover

In Essentially Translatable’s 50th episode, Tshwari Tjetjoo shares about the joys and challenges as a translator with the Shekgalagari Bible translation program and the impact of Scripture for the Bakgalagari people.

Rev. Kierien Ayugha

Rev. Kierien Ayugha is an ordained pastor in the Lutheran Church of Nigeria, a Bible Translation Consultant in training and serves as an International Associate with Lutheran Bible Translators. He currently serves as lecturer/professor in the Linguistics and Bible Translation Department at the Theological College of Northern Nigeria, training the next generation of Bible Translators for work in Nigeria and surrounding countries.

“We want to see God’s Word, especially in the minority languages of Nigeria. We believe that if people have God’s Word in their language, then their lives will be transformed.”  — Rev. Kierien Ayugha

image of Nigerian man on podcast cover

Hear what God is doing in Nigeria through Bible translation.

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