Dr. Philip Gassman is an Environmental Scientist at Iowa State University and a 20-year member of Ascension Lutheran Church (ALC). He has been involved with the ALC Evangelism and Missions team for the past decade, which has included 10 visits to locations of supported missionaries in six countries.

Rev. Richard Rudowske is the Chief Operating Officer and Director for Program Ministries at Lutheran Bible Translators. For 6 years, the Rudowske family served as missionaries with Lutheran Bible Translators in Botswana working with the Bakgalagari people to translate and produce the Gospel of Luke in their previously unwritten language.

Leslie Urie leads the Prayer Mobilization team at the World Mission Prayer League (WMPL), seeking to help grow an understanding of the mission of God in the church by inspiring educated and thoughtful prayer. She serves with the Home Office, often being astounded at the ways “God provides.”

Pastor David Lerseth served parishes in Rosholt, SD; Barton-ville (Peoria), IL; and Aberdeen, SD. He also served as an assistant to the Bishop in the former Iowa District of the ALC and as Executive Director of the ELCA Global Mission Support. He is the founder and current Executive Director of Friends of Madagascar Mission (FOMM).

Chuck and his family served with the World Mission Prayer League (WMPL) since 1976, both in Ecuador and in the Prayer League's home office in
Minneapolis, Minnesota. He most recently served WMPL as its General Director. Chuck and Cindy retired in 2017 and live in Minneapolis.

Julie taught English for nearly 20 years in Chiang Rai, Thailand, and trained English teachers from all over the world. She is founder/president of Deeper Still Ministries International, a foundation focused on discipling young people. Now retired, she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren as much as distance allows.

Don Raun served as a Lutheran Brethren missionary in Chad for 40 years. After retiring from the mission field, he wrote a number of books and taught study groups. After the homegoing of Orpha, his wife of 62 years, he remarried and currently lives in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.