As we pursue the new ‘normal’ post-COVID-19, we can’t lose sight of what is essential as followers of Chist. We have perhaps adapted to curbside pickup, DoorDash and grocery delivery… to restaurant menus and business services that have been limited due to the pandemic. However, answering God’s call to the nations cannot be a “currently unavailable service” for our lives and our congregations.

Jesus’ call remains the same: “GO and MAKE disciples of all nations!”

We are called to proclaim the Good News of the death and resurrection of Christ to every tongue, tribe and nation!

As Kent has written, we envision Celebrating Global Mission (CGM) as being a part of the solution to a loss of global mission faithfulness – not only in this post-pandemic season, but which goes back more than five decades in many of our churches.

The compelling PURPOSE behind CGM is the Great Commission, and the HEART is the faithful, challenging, difficult and fruitful work of our founding global mission partners: World Mission Prayer League, Lutheran Bible Translators and Friends of Madagascar Mission. When I shared the vision for CGM with each of them, they wholeheartedly agreed to join us in this new venture: to inspire, inform and invite the current and next generations to get back to work in taking the Gospel to the nations.

It’s my joy to serve as co-editor for this exciting project. In this and future issues, you will discover powerful, personal stories of lives transformed by God’s grace through the work of ordinary people like you and me who have answered the call to “Go!” from our extraordinary, incomparable God!

I am reminded here of these stirring words of Rev. August Carlson, from his sermon on June 18, 1878. At his commissioning service the day before his departure for India, Rev. Carlson said:

“Dear friends, I know that you will carry me on your arms of prayer…and when I reach the mission field and there will be privileged to see some Gospel progress, I shall be glad to report this to you. But I beseech you: if I should be unable to persevere, if sooner or later I shall fall in the struggle (and it would surprise me if I should live to return) then I ask one thing of you. … if I do not come back, do not look upon the cause as lost or hopeless but pledge yourselves instead to send forth hundreds of other missionaries!”

It is in that same Spirit that we commend to you this first issue of CGM magazine!

By Kent Groethe

The greatest failure of North American churches in the past thirty years is their abandonment of Missions. This is especially tragic because at the same time the most important task of the church is and has always has been to share God’s Word with a world that does not yet know Him. We have lost our passion for world missions and evangelism at home. Something has to change! We cannot sit idly by while men and women from hundreds of people groups around the globe are without Christ.

We are starting Celebrating Global Missions in order to become part of the solution. This is a quarterly magazine that is digital and free of charge, though you are free to donate any amount if you like to help defray production costs. Also, you are free to copy, share and use any of the articles in any way you like. This magazine is for you and for the body of Christ.

We want to partner with Lutheran ministries that do great work in the area of Missions and together provide our readership with a magazine focused on uplifting World Missions. Our dream is to see countless Lutherans gain a new vision, interest in, and even passion for those without Christ. We would love to see congregations who have abandoned the work of World Missions regain a renewed vision for it.

Bill Moberly and I will be co-editors of this exciting new resource, and along with some vibrant Lutheran Mission organizations will provide pertinent informative, compelling stories of successes on the mission field, helpful resources for congregations, encouragement to individuals and churches to go deeper in World Missions, and a fresh inspiration for all of us to make a new commitment to sharing the Gospel with the world.